Sunday, 1 June 2014

Tales of the Imp - While the Cat's Away

The latest drabble (a 100 word story) in the Tales of the Imp series was posted in Friday's Indie Book Bargains newsletter. Visit to sign up for the newsletter and receive a daily drabble and UK Kindle bargains.

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While the Cat’s Away

Happy days are here to stay! The Imp departed on secret business, I had the whole night without his interference.

I wore my cleanest shirt; a bit rumpled, but never mind. A splash of aftershave and I was ready. I arrived at the restaurant an hour early, so did she.

Drinks and food passed by in a blur and here we are in the bedroom and oh my word I’m trembling with excitement. She is too; it’s going to be amazing. Naked we embrace and an unwelcome shrill voice pipes into my ear.

“What’s going on here then?”

Damn him!

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