Sunday 1 June 2014

Guest Post - Flowers and Stone by Jan Sikes

I don't normally feature non-fiction here on my blog, but when the author contacted me I thought that I should bend the rules a little :-) So here we have a guest post from Jan Sikes about her writing and a shout out for her latest book.

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Why I Write

I started writing when I was a young girl, around the age of eight. The first real piece I wrote was a gospel song. I had an uncle whom I loved dearly, but he was an alcoholic and his drinking caused such family discord that at times, resulted in him being banished from our home. So, I wrote a song about Uncle Luke finding Jesus. That is the first memory I have of feeling the passion deep down to my toes for writing.

The stories I write (so far) are true stories about the journey of two people moving through adversity in order to grow and learn to become better humans. I believe with all my heart there is something that is worthy of sharing in these stories. Bits and pieces of wisdom, hard-learned lessons and above and beyond all, love…True love that you read about in fiction stories and yet this is truth. The old saying that truth is stranger than fiction fits the stories that I share through my writing.

I am passionate about my writing projects. I am driven to tell a story with the hope that it might touch someone’s heart or life in a positive way.

Also, I release a music cd of original music along with each book that fits the time period of the story. Why? Because the stories revolve and evolve around a passion for music.

I am widowed, live in North Texas, attend music festivals and have four incredible grandchildren.

Flowers and Stone

A hot Texas summer, dim-lit honky-tonk bar rooms, a young naïve fledgling go-go dancer and a wild rebel Texas musician sets the stage for this story.

Can Darlina Flowers ever hope to fit in to this strange new world and even more important, can she trust Luke Stone with her heart?

Luke Stone, a good man who has made a career of bad decisions, falls as completely in love with Darlina as she does with him. But is it too late?

Will their eternal unyielding love survive the test of time, distance and iron bars?

This is a true story based on the lives of Rick and Jan Sikes.

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