Thursday 12 June 2014

ABC Drabbles of Death - G is for Grind

It's a lovely sunny day out there and I've bought a new suit! To celebrate this wonderful day lets take a macabre look at the next letter in our journey through the alphabet. This week's letter is 'G' and it was a tough choice until I remembered a story I was told as a child.

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G is for Grind

As a boy I lived near a quarry. My best friend and I played there whenever we could. We weren’t supposed to and we got into so much trouble whenever we were caught!

We didn’t stop though. Climbing the huge pile of rock was our favourite game. It wasn’t easy with the stones slipping beneath us, but the view from the summit was worth the effort.

We didn’t know that the mounds were positioned over trap doors; the rocks would pour through and be ground up into gravel.

I never played there again and Paul never played anywhere ever again.

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