Thursday 26 June 2014

ABC Drabbles of Death - I is for Imp

We reach the letter 'I' in our trip through the alphabet and for this drabble we have a special guest star. The Imp is no stranger to death, although he does have his own unusual methods.

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I is for Imp

The Imp’s a tiny fellow; even so he once killed a man in the most horrible fashion I have ever witnessed.

He waited until the poor fellow slept and then superglued his lips and one nostril shut. He waited patiently to make sure that the skin had properly fused.

He then pissed into the man’s nostril.

He did it in my ear once and it burns I can tell you!

The man awoke panicked, unable to breath and demon urine flooding his lungs. The glue held firm and I stood amazed that such a tiny creature could piss so much.

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