Tuesday 10 June 2014

Book Impressions - Monster Avengers by Rosen Trevithick and 300 Monstrously Talented Kids

I'm a fan of the author's Smelly Trolls series, so I already knew that she could write an entertaining children's story. However this book is a little different in that she crowd-wrote the story with 300 children. A mammoth task of organisation and patience I'm sure, but how did the actual story turn out?

The story is a lot more coherent than I expected while still retaining the imagination from the children involved. There's a wonderful mix of characters, there's the hero of the story who is a young boy who's not had a good time of things. There's a super hero toddler and best of all are the villains - man eating ducks with vicious spikes!

There's an interesting blend of the fantastical and more mundane concerns and again some fun and imaginative ideas for tackling them. It's well paced and with the range of characters there's some good opportunities for funny voices  if you're reading the story out loud.

Mention should also be made of the illustrations sprinkled liberally throughout the book. These are full of charm and also highlight the creations of the children involved. Overall this is a fun story for kids of all ages (even 41 year old ones like me!) and any story that features man eating ducks deserves to be read.

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Written by children, for children, Monster Avengers is a crowd-written humorous, illustrated adventure.

Deadly ducks with an appetite for chaos, are planning to take over Fangleland. So called because of their luminous poo, the lumipoo momps begin their mayhem by banning bananas – the punishment, getting spiked to death!

Simon is just a regular boy, whose life is turned upside down when his dying grandpa reveals that his parents were killed by a flock of lumipoo momps. He and his beloved best friend, Tigotha, set off on a perilous journey to save Fangleland.

Meanwhile, a scientist tries to invent a predator to eat the lumipoo momps. However, when his plan goes horribly wrong, the heroes end up fighting not just one species of monster – but two!

Simon and Tigotha’s adventure raises many questions. Who is the mysterious caretaker and what is he doing with that hoover? Why is there a disco happening in the microwave? And who is the toddler with helicopter hair, who keeps turning up to save the day?

Are you aching to know whether the monster avengers save Fangleland? Turn the pages if you dare – these monsters would like to eat you for breakfast!

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