Wednesday 11 June 2014

Blog Shout Out - In the Shadows

For this week's blog shout out we visit author Shaun Jeffrey's blog 'in the Shadows', discover more in his own words below. On a completely unrelated note I'm enjoying his short story collection 'Voyeurs of Death' at the moment and if you enjoy imaginative horror it's well worth checking out - a proper review will be coming soon!

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I started my blog back in 2005, mainly because as a writer, I wanted another platform to interact with any potential readers. Way back then there weren’t as many promotional platforms that I can think of, and the main place to be was the now ghostly venue that was Myspace (for those who remember it before it was defeated by the all conquering Facebook). I imagine Facebook too will succumb to whatever new fad comes along in the future, but the difference with a blog is that it’s more personal, because it belongs to the person who hosts it. Mine is basically like a scrapbook, where I write about anything and everything that takes my fancy.

In this respect I don’t have regular features. More a potpourri of eclectic musings, from writing news through to my latest hobby, metal sculpture, but one of my most viewed subjects was when I mentioned Taekwondo (I’m a black belt), and it was only a brief mention about something, so perhaps I should write more about the subject to get more readers! In the years that my blog’s been active, I’ve had over 50k views from people all over the world, and it makes me feel a little in awe that people from far flung shores have stumbled across my little island of rambling snippets.

As my writing is sporadic at the best of times (so it’s a good job I don’t make a living at it), I’ll keep posting about whatever takes my fancy. I’m hoping that my sculptures will eventually be of a commercial quality, at which point I will try selling them, so expect more posts about this as I make things. Copper dragonfly anyone?

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