Friday 13 June 2014

Book Impressions - Voyeurs of Death by Shaun Jeffrey

I'm a fan of short stories and I've read a couple of the author's other books and enjoyed  those so this seemed a safe bet. The books of his that I've read where murder investigations and very well done, this collection is more firmly in the horror camp with a dash of the unusual for good measure.

The usual problem with short story collections is variable quality, that is true to an extent here but even the weakest story here was worth a read. The book has two clear strengths, the first and for me the most important was the imagination of the stories. At first glance a few seemed to follow familiar horror themes, but as they developed a fresh angle was revealed. I appreciate being surprised in a story.

The other positive was the quality of the writing, it's a joy to read the stories. It reads a little rougher than the other books of his that I've read, but not so much that it detracts, it's just an observation. The stories are all quick reads, although in a few cases I would have happily read more about the idea. Those minor issues aside this is an excellent collection of short stories and one I'd recommend to any fans of the genre.

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Herein are found a diverse mix of the sinister, erotic, strange and surreal. From the foreboding alleyways of Venice to a bleak Scottish island, the horror is never far away. A young boy fixes dead things. You can't always judge a man by the cut of his suit, especially when the suit isn't made of cloth. A relaxing cruise is anything but once the passengers start to die, only to then come back to life. And a trip to the past has dire consequences for the future. Now turn the page and join the voyeurs of death.

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