Wednesday 4 June 2014

Blog Shout Out - Carmen's Blog

For this week's blog shout out we visit Carmen Stevens' blog about her books and life in general, discover more below:

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Ok. I started my blog to talk about my self-published novel and promote it. This used to be the only reason for me creating the blog, but then I realized that I shouldn't be so conceited and I changed the description of my blog to include writing about life in general, including the lives of my readers. On my blog, I love writing about different philosophies and viewpoints in life, and also giving my readers tips for writing and promoting their works. I really hope that people take my tips into consideration, because everything I advise, I have learned from experience.

I also like writing about book themes on my blog, including my own novel's themes. I believe that the theme of a story is the most important part of any story. An author can convey anything he or she wants through his or her story's theme. 

I like to think that my blog's posts are insightful and interesting. The background color of my blog's page also seems catchy. On this page, there is a button that can be clicked to become a follower of my blog. I'm proud to say that I now have almost 200 blog followers. I'm confident that if someone decided to follow my blog, they would not regret it.

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