Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Tuesday Tease - Drabbles 'n' Shorts by Rick Haynes

For this week's Tuesday Tease Rick Haynes provides a couple of pieces from his book 'Drabbles 'n' Shorts'. I read this recently and it's an excellent collection of short stories and drabbles - definitely one worth picking up!

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by Rick Haynes


Algernon had been seeking promotion in the War Office.

Finally, he had received his invitation to the diplomatic dinner, and he was determined to make the most of it.

On spying a beautiful girl, he immediately took the seat next to her and poured them both generous drinks.

They were soon giggling away so he slipped his hand under the table and caressed her knee.

As there was no reaction, his hand moved higher to the edge of her panties.

He smiled as she passed over a note.

Don’t give the game away when you reach my balls. Berkley - MI5.


A chill spread around the room as the four contestants huddled over the game board.

Player one rolled the die. He was home.

Player two rolled. Her heart soared as her counter stopped.

Player three moved one place. She smiled.

All eyes turned to player four. He rolled a five.

All of them were home.

‘Have we all won?’ They pleaded.

Evil spoke!

‘You killed a tramp for his money. I hold your souls now, so one must die!’

‘Who will it be?’ They asked.

‘Keep playing!’

‘The first to throw three sixes in a row joins me in Hell.’

Click here to buy Drabbles 'n' Shorts from Amazon US / Amazon UK (and it's an excellent read)

About the Author:

I was born way back before time meant anything. One zillion reincarnations later, I think I know... who I am. But to you I am a mystery.

Born in London I have travelled widely and have enjoyed many differing cultures. Whilst I have an eclectic taste, as can be seen with the differing genres in my Drabbles, I now write heroic fantasy.

I really love Drabbles, those little 100 word gems, and have published a collection along with several short stories entitled Drabbles ‘N’ Shorts.

Some will make you smile.
Some will make you sad.
Some will make you think.
Some will make you blink.
But all will keep you interested, for there is something for everyone.

But my passion is heroic fantasy and my first novel ‘Evil Never Dies’ is due to be published in the next few months.

So laugh loudly, love always, live long.

But never forget to read.

So do buy books, read the stories and enjoy the magic of words.

Website: http://profnexus.wix.com/rickhaynes

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