Thursday, 23 October 2014

Book Shout Out - Auto by David Wailing

David Wailing joins the ranks of generous authors who have provided their books as prizes for the festivities of the Sun Dragon launch which is now only 9 days away! As well as a Kindle copy of Auto he's has donated a signed copy of Bang - Memoirs of a Relationship Assassin. Bang is a lot of fun to read but I decided to feature Auto as it's the subtle type of sci-fi that non science fiction fans can enjoy.

In fact it's damn fine read and you shouldn't wait until the launch event to try and win a copy - just buy one right now!

Once you've done that make sure to sign up for the Sun Dragon launch event on Facebook, here's the link:

David Wailing also provided the editing for Sun Dragon, so if you're looking for an editor then check out his website:

Click on image to buy from Amazon

In 2022, everyone uses an auto. This sophisticated ‘super-app’ is a digital personal assistant which acts on your behalf. It knows your personality and habits – and mimics them. It learns from your behaviour – and copies you.

Digital detective Joanna O’Donnell has heard stories about autos going wrong, twisting people's lives inside out. She doesn’t believe it. Until it happens to her.

Unable to trust her own agency, Joanna secretly investigates and discovers these incidents may be part of a bigger, more terrifying story.

Michael Walker – the man who invented the auto, and public enemy number one – is back...

Click here to buy Auto from Amazon US / Amazon UK

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