Friday, 17 October 2014

Friday Poem - My Life as a Frog by Nav Logan

Nav Logan provides this week's Friday Poem with a rather whimsical piece called 'My Life as a Frog':

Image Credit: John D. Batten (1860-1932)

My Life As A Frog
by Nav Logan

Hop Hop,

Ribbit, Ribbit.
Tongue flicks out to catch a fly
Splash about, sit on a lily,
Gaze at the world through bulbous eye.
Happily dig in.
To miss the winters.
Come the spring,
Spawn some fry.
Thus, my life is good.
Wishes? Hopes?
What would be bliss?
Why, that should be simple,
A princess's kiss.
Fears and dreads?
Alas but a few,
Boys with straws and mischievous eyes
Gigantic reaper flies
Being crushed beneath a wheel,
Or being cooked as a witch's meal.
But wishes and fears hardly come to mind
The God of Frogs is truly kind

I'm not quite sure what inspired me to write this poem. It was just one of those quirky ideas about frogs and princesses and the cruel games little boys play. It just popped into my head. I rarely think too much when I'm writing a poem, or a drabble for that matter. I just have a basic idea or two in my head, and then let the creative juices flow.

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