Thursday, 9 October 2014

ABC Drabbles of Death - T is for Tiger

We reach the letter 'T' in the ABC Drabbles of Death series and I'll confess that I had some trouble picking a suitable word. My initial ideas were all too obvious and then I remembered one of my favourite Stephen King short stories :-)

If you want to read the previous drabbles in this series then you'll find them all here:

T is for Tiger

I didn’t expect to see a giant carnivorous cat when I walked into my front room.

Well you wouldn’t would you?

Its handsome fur gleamed in the light and the sight captivated me. It didn’t seem to mind so I walked in. It looked up as I entered and with orange eyes pondered my insignificance.

Strangely I felt no fear, not then. The puzzle of why such a magnificent beast waited for me occupied my thoughts. I’ve never been a cat person, but with a roar it let me know that it was a people cat.

Then I knew fear.

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