Saturday, 18 October 2014

Guest Author Giveaways at the Sun Dragon Virtual Launch Party

November 1st is the release day for Sun Dragon. Throughout the day I'll be celebrating at the virtual launch party with giveaways and prizes. And thanks to some generous authors I won't be giving away just my own books!

Some of my favourite indie authors have provided books for you to win. Here's what will be given out as prizes for fun games and giveaways:

From A K Michaels we have a Kindle e-book copy of The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire, Book 1. There's also a Kindle e-book copy of her latest release - Supernatural Enforcement Bureau, Book 1. And going for the hat trick she's also provided a special swag bag.

Kath Middleton is a relative newcomer to the indie author scene and she's providing a signed copy of Message in a Bottle. I read this recently and it's an excellent read.

Horror author Jack Rollins has donated a signed copy of his soon-to-be released 'The Seance'. I had the pleasure of test reading this and I'm looking forward to its release!

One of my favourite reads this year so far has been Jonathan Hill's 'FAG'. Quite simply it's a superb read and beautifully written - if a little uncomfortable at times. Jonathan has provided a signed copy of 'FAG'.

As well as being the editor for Sun Dragon David Wailing is a talented author in his own right. The Auto series is a well imagined vision of teh near future where our online personas are automatically managed by 'autos'. There's an e-book copy of 'Auto' for grabs and a signed copy of 'Bang' - a fun read.

David Haynes's write some amazing horror and I'm a big fan of all his writing. He's offered a signed copy of 'The Macabre Collection' - a suitably dark collection of Victorian era horror.

Last, but not least is Penny Grub with a very generous offer of three signed copies of her latest release - 'The Doll Makers'.

So we have some fine books on offer, but to have a chance of winning one you have to join the virtual launch party for Sun Dragon. Join the fun here:

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