Thursday, 2 October 2014

ABC Drabbles of Death - S is for Sheol

We now reach the letter 'S' in the latest drabble in the ABC Drabbles of Death series. For a series dedicated to the topic of death I've not written any looking at the many visions of the afterlife, so I've remedied that with today's.

If you haven't read the previous drabbles, or just want to read them again then you will find them all here:

S is for Sheol

A land of grey and shadow greeted me upon my passing. Featureless, it stretched beyond my sight. The shadows drifted towards me and as they approached I saw that they were spirits and, like me, had once known the warmth and colour of life.

Their voices formed a wind which assailed my hearing. Some were strong, and still bitter from their death. Others little more than whispers, having faded over time.

I hadn’t believed believe in any god or afterlife. A lesson hard learned for now I would dwell in this formless existence until every shade within faded to nothing.

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