Friday, 17 June 2016

Lavecon Old Ones Productions Ad

I've had the pleasure of attending Lavecon every year so, but this time will be a little different! Not only will I be attending in my capacity as Executive Producer on Elite: Dangerous, this year I will have a table selling some of the Old Ones Productions products. You can see the items I sell here:

I will be happy to sign any books if you bring any to Lavecon!

The wonderful people at Lave Radio put together a radio advert for their show, so I've put some images to it in this video. So a big shout out for them at

A big thanks to Luciana Nedelea - her artwork features heavily in store, and some examples are shown in this video. As well as on the store, you can find more of her artwork here:

Thanks also to Simon Brewer and Adam Woods as their work also features in the video.

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