Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Currently Reading - Shadeward: Emanation by Drew Wagar

A world of eternal day and everlasting night, burning deserts and frozen wastes. A people exiled, seeking the truth about their past, long lost in vague, yet disturbing, myth and legend. Technology lost, then found again.

A realm of priestesses with remarkable powers and implacable purpose, who worship a powerful god; a star that blazes unchanging in the skies above. A star which is poised to unleash devastation upon them all.

Two Children are smuggled out of Scallia to save them from the feared witches of Drayden, but the ‘rescue’ doesn’t go well. Cast adrift with no memories of each other or their real family, both girls grow to adolescence friendless and destitute. All that stands between the sisters and brutal early deaths are the talents they barely know they possess... and can’t control.

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