Saturday 21 February 2015

Work in Progress Blog Tour - The Church of Virtual Saints

Alex Roddie has kindly invited me to participate in the Work in Progress blog tour. In this stop I'll post some excerpts from my current work in progress - The Church of Virtual Saints. As well as being a talented editor (he edited The Last True Demon for me) he is also a writer of some reknown mountaineering fiction. That might sound like a niche genre, but I've enjoyed the stories of his that I've read and I have very little knowledge of mountains!

Here are the rules for the blog tour:

1. Link back to the post of the person who nominated you.
2. Write a little about and give the first sentence of the first three chapters of your current work in progress.
3. Nominate some other writers to do the same.

Here's the post on Alex's blog that added me:

The Church of Virtual Saints in the second in Morton and Mitchell series following on from Faust 2.0. In this second book we discover what choice Sarah made and how that has affected her. The excerpts below will give that away for you for those that are waiting to find out!

We discover a bit more about the lawyer Morton and what his role in Misty Felice's crimes in the first book were. The story continues the exploration of technology and what near future concepts can help or harm humanity.

I'm expecting to finish and release The Church of Virtual Saints by the end of the year,

Chapter 1

“We are God.
“That’s a bold statement as I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s easy in the modern age to dismiss the notion of a supreme being as out of date in this modern age. For many of us the world has moved on from an age where we need God to hold our hands in the dark, or to explain the mysteries of existence.

“Yet even with all of our understanding and technology we do not know everything. We don’t even comprehend the most fundamental of questions – what is our purpose?”

Chapter 2

Six months in prison had changed Dan Emmet. Where once he’d been soft, antisocial and rarely left the comforts of his home he now sat upright and watchful in the visiting room. His table was positioned to one side of the room and he scanned the other tables while he waited.

Chapter 3

Sometimes Sarah regretted refusing Morton’s offer.
Usually at six in the morning when the guards banged on the door. Morton had been correct on one point, without his help she would most likely spend the rest of her life in prison.
And in no ordinary prison.
Sarah sometimes wondered if that had been his doing as well.

Well there we have a taster for what is coming in my next novel and it is now time to pass the work in progress blog tour onto the next authors:

David Wailing is the other editor that I often work with and is also the author of the fantastic Auto series.

Kath Middleton is an author who writes in varied genres, but no matter which, her stories are always worth a read:

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