Thursday, 12 February 2015

Drabbles of Art - Witches' Sabbath by Francisco Goya

Francisco Goya pays a return visit to the Drabbles of Art series with his painting 'Witches' Sabbath'. The drabble for this didn't go to plan. I had an idea for something more series but then I remembered Terry Prachett's wonderful Discworld witches:-)

You can find the earlier drabbles in this series here:

Witches' Sabbath by Francisco Goya

“What the hell is that?”


“The giant stuffed goat.”

“Well, we don’t summon him anymore. Not like the old days, so I brought it to remind us.”

“Even back then we didn’t summon goats. It looks weird.”

“It’s not a goat – it’s Baphomet. Anyway it’s okay for you to bring your baby and who knows what Miriam’s skeletal homunculus is all about!”

“Well the fresh air does the baby good and he likes your goat, so I wouldn’t complain too much if I where you.”

“It sets the mood though, doesn’t it?”

“No, and don’t bring it here again.”

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