Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Blog Shout Out - Searching for Harry

In this week's Blog Shout Out Brianne Marie invites us to visit her fantasy book blog 'Searching for Harry':

My name is Brianne Marie and I am first and foremost a Harry Potter fan. Harry Potter was the first large chapter book I read as a child. This series gave me a passion for reading. J.K Rowling gave me a passion for writing. After the Harry Potter series ended I had a gaping hole in my heart left by the series. Since then I have been on the search for the next great fantasy series to help fill that hole.

During my search I have come to realize that the magic found in the books can also be found in the real world through every day life, adventure and nature. I started a separate quest to look for magic in the world. My quest has led me to Australia, Fiji and soon it will lead me to sail around the world with my best friend.

My blog is a response to the hole left by Harry Potter. The blog is part book review part search for magic in this world. I review books by brand new fantasy authors that haven't became popular yet. I also write about the adventures I have around the world.

I find that reviewers respond strongly to my musings about such things as magic found in diving and my top 10 favorite magical places on this earth. I obviously love reading new books by unheard of authors and if I can help them out by giving them a good review that feels amazing.

Recently I started a new project for the blog. I had a story pop into my head expectantly and I felt I had to get it onto paper. To challenge myself I decided to write it directly onto my blog instead of it collecting dust in a notebook. The story is about a human girl named Dylan McGuire who gets picked up by a bizarre train in the middle of nowhere. This is a train with magical powers that travels through the universe choosing those special individuals from the Milky Way galaxy destined to protect the universe from evil. The first chapter is available now on my blog.

I hope to support authors with my blog, encourage readers to join the search for the next great fantasy series and spark enthusiasm to look for the magic found in our very own world!

Visit Searching for Harry here:

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