Tuesday 10 February 2015

Book Review - Four from Below by Daniel P. Coffman

As the name implies this is a collection of four stories, all with a different horror theme. There's an uneven quality from readable to superb so I'll cover each story individually.

The first story stood out for me. The young boy trying to survive being bullied along with home life problems tugs on the heart strings. It's novella length and would have made a strong offering in its own right. The quality of the writing is superb and transformation described really makes the story stand out. My only issue is that while I guessed how it would end when it arrived it felt abrupt. In fairness that's a minor complaint.

The second story has a more traditional feel to it with it being a faustian tale. It's told well and does have a unique angle that elevates it. A strong story and well written.

The third story was the weakest of the four for me. It was well written, but just didn't grab me.

The form returns for the final story with an excellent body horror tale. While the first story was my favourite this one from a purely horror perspective really hits the creepiness meter! It's an unusual story that has some decent menace. Once the story gets going it's not too difficult to figure out where it's going to end. But the twists and turns along the way make the journey more than worthwhile.

All in all it's a worthwhile collection that any horror fan should try.

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Four From Below tells the tales of ordinary people -or so they seem- thrust into extraordinary circumstances:

Ray Deet lives a life of shame. His mother abandons him, and the school bullies single him out for abuse. A chance encounter with a denizen of a world below changes the timid young boy, but are these changes for the better?

Charlie Vos has a scoop. Aging actress Victoria Manwell, his teen fantasy, is now a recluse. She has a tale to tell. But is Charlie ready to hear it?

Alexi Zachas has inherited his grandfather's mansion, and the hidden lab below. Aided by an eager young assistant, this practitioner of the "sideways sciences" hopes to turn back the clock on the human body.

Apri Saluzar has a problem. Several problems, in fact: a domineering mother, insomnia, an unsatisfying job. Oh, and the occasional body part appearing in her home.

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