Monday 16 February 2015

Guest Author Interview - Pelmus Razvan

Pelmus Razvan joins me in this week's Guest Author Interview to talk about his latest release 'Reborn from Blood'. Discover more below:

Please introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do?
To say a few things about me, I am 20 years old, I live in Romania and currently I'm in my second year of college with major in Business Administration. When I am not busy with school I enjoy spending my time writing, reading Ya novels, and going out with friends.

What first inspired you to start writing?
Well one night I finished reading the last book in the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, and in the next morning when I woke up I was something like "Hey I really want to write a book.'' And so I started writing and I can't even describe how amazing it felt, it made me feel ''complete''.

Where did the idea for Reborn from Blood come from?
Well, at first I had no idea how the book should be named, but after spending a lot of my free time in writing it just hit "Reborn from Blood'', mainly because the story is revolved around the main character, but that is to be discussed more vividly after I finish writing the second part of it.

Which book has the has the greatest impact on you?
This is a hard question, I have two books that really inspired me on one hand there is "The Alchemist'' by Paulo Coelho in which it presents the force of destiny and on the other hand there is ''The Indigo Spell'' by Richelle Mead in which the main character resembles allot with me.
Both of these books equally inspired me very much to follow my dreams without giving up on hope so I simply cannot choose one between these two.

What makes your writing stand out?
I write what I feel at the moment, I put my feelings on every word I write and that is all that matters in my opinion.

Are you a planner? Or do you prefer to dive straight into writing?
I prefer to dive straight into writing although there are parts which recall allot of planning, like in which direction I want the action to evolve for example.

What are your favourite song lyrics?
I love rock and roll and I want to share with a great song: Ashes remain-On my own
-Every little thing that I've known is every thing I need to let go
You're so much bigger than the world I have made
So I surrender my soul
I'm reaching out for your hope
I lay my weapons down
I'm ready for you now.
It has such a powerful message in my opinion: letting go of past problems.

What are you working on at the moment?
The second part of my last book ''Reborn From Blood'' with more action and more drama than the first.

Tell us about your latest release and how we can find out more.
The paperback version of Reborn from Blood be found on lulu and retail sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble etc.
You can follow author page  here:
And here;

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