Sunday 15 February 2015

Last Week to Enter February's Short Fiction Contest

"Hanoi Water Puppets - Fairy Dance (3695189852)" by Greg Willis from Denver, CO, usa

We've entered the final week of February's Short Fiction Contest, so if you haven't entered yet then you best get started as you only have a few days left! This month's mysterious (and a little creepy) picture of Hanoi water puppets has already inspired some interesting tales.

It's free to enter the contest and the winning story will win a £50 Amazon or PayPal prize. There's prizes for second and third place as well. To enter you need to write a story of no more than 500 words inspired by this month's image. You then submit it through the form on the competition page here:

If you haven't read last month's winners yet then you really should. Check them out here:

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