Sunday 11 May 2014

Sunday Story - Out of my Window by Lisa Williamson

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For the second Sunday Story we travel back in time to September's short fiction contest and revisit the winning story by Lisa Williamson, one about the future inspired by that month's neon city image.

Out of my Window by Lisa Williamson

I sit looking out my window at the blue lights of the city about me.  How things have changed in my life.  Once I looked out my window and it was filled with green and air, wood and animals.  As I grew older first the animals disappeared, feeling from the advance of man.  Then the tree disappeared, taken down to make homes for invading man.  Slow this city grew, from a few buildings to acres of people stacked on top of each other.  

I stayed; I was not sure why I did.  Watching how the land became a town and then a city.  As the years passed those who lived here changed too.  They started out brave and brash, talking loudly as they hid their fear of the unknown but slowly their voices grew quieter as more and more came here.

Now the blue lights of the city block out the lights of the night sky.  The city stopped growing out and started growing up.  The higher in the city you were the better your position but I stayed here, in the place I was when man found my land.  If I wait long enough do you think they might fly away into the sky?

I can only hope it will be so.  For they have covered my land in so much steel and concrete.  It is hard to breath in this bright new world.  They have cut down all my trees, filled my streams and chased away my animals.  Yet I still remain.

I will be here when mankind finally leaves my world.  My fondest wish is that there would be something left for me to nurture; to have something to bring to blossom and return the world to green.

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