Thursday 8 May 2014

ABC Drabbles of Death - B is for Buried

Welcome to the second in the ABC Drabbles of death series, as can be expected we have reached the letter 'B'. The series will take each letter of the alphabet and I'll write a death themed drabble based on that letter.

If you missed the first in the series - 'A is for Axe' then do not worry, because you will find all of the drabbles from this series on this page:

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And now...

B is for Buried

Smothered in darkness, the air is warm and it’s difficult to breath. Where am I? How did I get here? I don’t remember! I cry out for help, my voice loud in my ears. The walls press close, I cannot move. The suffocating tomb swallows my frantic prayers.

Exhausted I slip into my personal darkness only to awake in the nightmare once more, the air is warmer and I feel light headed. I’m so weak that I lay in silence. Panic becomes my final companion in the darkness and it will hold me close until the air is no more.


  1. Extremely dark and disturbing. Yes, how did he get there by the way? will we have a clue in other drabbles or it is a stand alone and we just make our own conclusions? Either way, it is again an excellent one :)

    1. It's a standalone for now, but maybe one of the others will fill the gap.