Sunday 11 May 2014

Book Impressions - Remission Praxis by Mike Freeman

This is the second book in the author's Contact series, I enjoyed the first book it started with some fascinating alien discovery and ended with decent sci-fi action. This sequel is almost mirror of that with the action starting from the first page with the more interesting alien discovery coming near the end.

For me the first book had a better balance between the two thread, it also mixed the human politics making for a more complex, but also more satisfying. This second book is a simpler affair as most of it comprises a battle for survival. The author writes the action well, so while it lacks some of depth evident in the first book it is an entertaining read.

Things pick up towards the end and we learn a bit more about the alien race at the centre of the story and it's here that the book really shines. The action might be well written, but the more cerebral discoveries are a joy to read and I would have liked to have seen more of that. I've purchased the next book in the series so I'll soon find out!

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Abbott threatens all...

The Talmas has infiltrated the fanatically religious Gathering as their prophesied Redeemer. The seemingly invulnerable Diss weapon has been unleashed and consumes all before it.

Hopelessly outmatched, the Alliance survivors must gain control of the Diss to stop Abbott destroying the remaining ships then targeting humanity. What they don’t know is that Abbott is coming straight for them.

REMISSION PRAXIS is a hard hitting space opera/ scifi adventure. It is the SECOND book in the Contact series.

Rated [R]. Violence, sex, profanity.
US English. 121,500 words.

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