Thursday 1 May 2014

ABC Drabbles of Death - A is for Axe

Welcome to the first drabble in my new series called 'ABC Drabbles of Death', in this series we'll take a wander through the alphabet and I'll write a deathly drabble for each letter. We start at the beginning with 'A is for Axe'.

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A is for Axe

The silver smile, as sharp as the crescent moon invites me to play. The haft rests naturally in my hands, the weight of the blade is eager to strike. The swing forms a pure moment from start to finish as the blade slams deep into the meat. Its balance doesn’t require strength, only the swing.

A scream always accompanies the opening of another smile on the pale flesh. Another arc and another gaping wound. A chorus of screams in synchronicity with the axe.

One last swing and all is silent, the blade no longer silver, but still smiling. In red.

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