Thursday 27 August 2015

Drabbles of the Gods - Badb

By Zeynel Cebeci (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

For this week's Drabble of the Gods we hop over the Irish Sea to meet Badb. I've taken part of the translated Second Battle of Motura as the basis of this drabble.

If you've not read the previous drabbles in the series then you will find them all here:


I am the crow of doom, the mist of war and the screams of the dying.

I shall not see a world that will be dear to me.

Summer without flowers,

Cows will be without milk,

Women without modesty,

Men without valour,

Captures without a king.

Woods without mast,

Sea without produce,

Wrong judgments of old men,

False precedents of law,

Every man a betrayer,

Every boy a reaver.

Son will enter his father's bed,

Father will enter his son's bed,

Everyone will be his brother's brother-in-law.

An evil time!

Son will deceive his father,

Daughter will deceive her mother.

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