Thursday 20 August 2015

Drabbles of Art - Pine Trees by Hasegawa Tōhaku

"Pine Trees" by Hasegawa Tōhaku - Emuseum. Licensed under Public Domain
In this week's Drabble of Art we travel to Japan to appreciate the ethereal beauty of  Hasegawa Tōhaku's screen 'Pine Trees'.

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Pine Trees by Hasegawa Tōhaku

Walking through the mist transforms the familiar surroundings into the surreal. The pine forest normally fills the valley with its lush, green texture, but in the morning, when the river’s mist hugs the ground in its damp clasp, there is no colour.

Only the endless wall of grey.

Shapes are formless, the mighty trees only recognisable only as I approach them. The damp drains my spirit. I cannot even smell the sap from the trees. The closing mist presses against me, its chill touch absorbing all sound.

But all is transient. The sun rises and the world of colour returns.

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