Monday 5 January 2015

Twelfth Drabble of Christmas - The Present by Jonathan Hill

For the twelfth and final Christmas drabble Jonathan Hill returns with 'The Present'. I'll admit I didn't get it on the first read. Thanks to everyone who has participated in this series of drabbles - they've been a lot of fun to read and have brought some different perspectives on the Christmas season. Thanks everyone!

The Present by Jonathan Hill

“Billy, come for your present.”

“Why not bring it down here? I’ll open it in front of everyone else.”

Toby hesitated. “I can’t.”

“Can’t?” Then Billy understood. It must have been too big to bring down.

“It’s in my room,” said Toby.

The pair excused themselves and walked upstairs, which caused Billy’s heart to pound. He didn’t know why; he wasn’t unfit.

Toby opened his door. Both stepped inside.

“There’s nothing here,” said Billy.

“Look up,” whispered Toby.

Above Billy, completely out of place, hung a piece of mistletoe. Yet Billy felt it the most natural present to find there.

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