Friday, 23 January 2015

The Last True Demon Available for Pre-Order

I'm very pleased to announce that the epic conclusion to The Third Path trilogy 'The Last True Demon' is now available for pre-order on Kindle and will be released on Sunday February 1st.

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The Last True Demon is the concluding book in The Third Path trilogy.

Stealing Lazarus’ miracle granted me immortality. Unfortunately, as I discovered upon a cold slab of stone, it didn’t make me indestructible. According to a dark prophecy I should have been the one who could stop the Antichrist bringing his Father to the Earth.

I learned the hard way as he ripped the miracle from my flesh. Now I’ve passed over and I’m in the ruins of the Garden of Eden with the Friar, Hammond, and Venet, a wounded angel. There’s a slim chance we can save humanity. All we have to do is find God and convince him to intervene and save us all.

The only problem?

He doesn’t believe that we exist…

Available to pre-order now: 

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