Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Tuesday Tease - Deeply Twisted by Chantal Noordeloos

For this week's Tuesday Tease Chantal Noordeloos provides an excerpt from her excellent collection of horror short stories 'Deeply Twisted':

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Deeply Twistwed by Chantal Noordeloos

The blood trickled over the sagging breasts of the Mother Superior, staining her white skin crimson. The limp body of a five year-old boy hung slack in her arms.

“Reverend Mother... ” Sister Agatha’s voice trembled.

“There must be a kinder way to kill the child, one not so... inhumane?”

The nun looked up at her, her wrinkled face a canvas of red splatter framing pale-blue eyes which almost seemed to glow. The older woman straightened herself, letting the child drop with a wet smack, her wrinkled hand still wrapped around one of his arms as the lower part of his body hung slack against her ankle. He looked like a limp doll, a toy she hadn’t quite finished playing with.

The nun's lips curled into a sneer, and her eyes narrowed. “Sister Agatha, I know you are new to the order, but when you took your holy vows, you were instructed in the rules of the convent. This is your first Solstice, and I understand that our methods may seem harsh to a newcomer, but we have a sacred duty.”

The woman dropped the arm, and stepped over the young boy. Trails of blood trickled down her torso and across her legs, covering them in a slick red layer. “Do you think I enjoy this?”

“Yes,” Sister Agatha wanted to scream, “You’ve lived too long in this world of torment and murder, and it has turned you into a monster.”

“No, Reverend Mother.” Agatha lowered her eyes, focusing on the blood pooling around the young boy’s body.

“I know this isn’t easy, Sister.” Gnarled hands grasped her cheek and chin, forcing her to look into those terrible eyes. “But we follow God’s will. If we don’t, the consequences will be disastrous, and for more than just a handful of unwanted children. No one cares for these wretched souls.”

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