Sunday, 25 January 2015

Shout Out for Jotters United

Jotters United started when are a group of writers met on-line through various sites and pages. Some of us are published, some not. We are united in our quest to get our work out there, published in various forms: books, magazines, web-sites, whatever. And are united in trying to improve our art and swapping best practice and information.

We started our magazine a year ago What we hope to do with our E-zine is to publish some cool writing from established and new writers. If we like it, it gets in! We try to publish one Issue a month.

We also now have a facebook page where we share anything to do with writing, stuff like links to books, competitions, submission calls, opinions and so on.


  1. I've had a look at the blog. I'm also a little motley so I'll look forward to reading more and perhaps submit some of my own for approval.

  2. I've submitted a few drabbles to them.


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