Thursday, 8 January 2015

Drabbles of Art - Saturn Devouring his Son by Francisco Goya

The Drabbles of Art series continues with Saturn Devouring his Son by Francisco Goya which is quite a gruesome image and therefore a great inspiration for a drabble!

If you missed the start of the series then you can read the first drabble of the series here:

Saturn Devouring his Son by Francisco Goya

It didn’t hurt like I’d expected. I knew it was coming of course – we all did. None of us would be allowed to grow into adults and wither in time. We existed only to satisfy our father’s hunger and allow him to live for a few years longer.

He took no interest in us until the feeding, but despite the neglect he cast a glamour so that we didn’t shriek as he consumed our flesh. Instead of pain I experienced only a confused wonder as I faded away with each bite. Not merely meat, but my spirit he consumed until…

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