Saturday 27 December 2014

Third Drabble of Christmas - Midwinter by Ulla Susimetsä

The Third Drabble of Christmas brings us 'Midwinter' by Ulla Susimetsä

Midwinter by Ulla Susimetsä
Snow buries field and forest. Darkness shrouds the world. The day barely dawns before dying into dusk.

Tonight, the longest night, the darkest night, the dead walk among the living.

In these dark hunting grounds of merciless cold, ancestors are always close, remembered, revered. Tonight, once the feasting is over, food and ale is left on the table for the dead to enjoy. Fire glows in the sauna oven long after the living have bathed: the dead may come and warm their icy limbs.

I slip into the smoky darkness. Ahh, so much better than the grave in frozen ground!


  1. I don't care how cold they are - my ancestors are not using my sauna!

    1. :D Mine are always welcome in our sauna... they are offered some porridge on Midwinter nights.

  2. A nice tale. I would like to believe that I could return once a year to feast on leftovers and ale.

    1. Thanks. :) That reminds me... must make sure people know I prefer mead to ale!