Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Seventh Drabble of Christmas - The Best Christmas by Jennifer Hanning

For the seventh drabble of Christmas Jennifer Hanning delves into the spirit of Christmas:

The Best Christmas by Jennifer Hanning

“This will be the best Christmas ever,” Sheryn said, clutching the £20 note they'd found in the gutter.
Harry agreed. “We'll get chicken and veggies to roast … plum pudding, custard, and a bottle of wine too.”

Harry was more pleased for his wife. She deserved much more than he'd been able to give her during their twenty-three years of marriage.

On the way to the supermarket they passed homeless people, warming their hands around an old incinerator.

Next day, able to share their salami sandwiches and orange juice, Sheryn smiled at her husband. It was the best Christmas ever.


  1. A nice tale of giving at Christmas. Thanks Jennie.

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