Monday, 29 December 2014

Fifth Drabble of Christmas - Memories by Marko Susimetsä

The fifth drabble of Christmas brings us 'Memories' courtesy of Marko Susimetsä:

Memories by Marko Susimetsä

Garacg ran, breath freezing onto his muzzle hair. The moonlit forest was untouched but by the rare animal. It was Garacg’s world. Its creatures his to hunt down and eat. The cold winter kept the humans huddled inside their strange dwellings.

A sound carried in the air.

Garacg hesitated and stopped by the trunk of a frozen tree. A village ahead.

A door opened. Someone staggered out. For a moment the sound became clearer, its notes familiar.

He shivered. Memories. Of a time when he had sung Yule songs.

Garacg howled at the moon, trying to drive the pain away.

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