Monday, 22 December 2014

Book Review - The Experiment of Dreams by Brandon Zenner

This was a fun read. I liked the premise of the story with a machine that can record your dreams.and the main character is an interesting one. For most of the book there's an element of mystery that I appreciated as to what was going on. Throughout the beginning of the book it seems as if the plot meanders along and while it is quite slowly paced it does provide ample opportunity to get to know the character.

Things shift quickly though after the first half into an accelerating path of twists and turns. While they're not too difficult to follow they did keep me guessing as to what was actually going on. It's unusual for me to read a book where I don't figure out the ending so kudos to the author for that.

The ending though is a bit of damp squib compared to the excellent build up. For me the issue was mainly the fact it tried to explain everything, which meant retreading over all ground. I also think the story had one twist too many which kind of weakened the ones that came before it.

The journey through the story was a good one though and worth a read just for that.

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A machine capable of recording our dreams has been created...

Benjamin Walker’s lifelong career of testing experimental drugs and medicines, as well as participating in fascinating sleep-related studies, has come to an end. A new and lucrative job opportunity is offered to Ben, working on a project named Lucy, a machine capable of reading and recording a person’s dreams in intimate detail. Headed by the genius Dr. Peter Wulfric and privately funded by the elusive millionaire, Mr. Timothy Kalispell”"a man with a fascination of the arts that borders on the obsessive”"takes Ben all over the world, from the Louvre in Paris to the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

Along his travels, Ben meets a beautiful girl named Sophia, who might just help him overcome his crushing depression over the death of his lost love, his Emily. All is finally going well for Ben . . . until strange dreams of a town named Drapery Falls begin to plague him, and memories once hidden begin to reveal themselves. The doctors and staff onboard team Lucy are not who Ben thinks they are, and Mr. Kalispell will stop at nothing to keep Ben’s emerging memories buried for good. Ben is put on a collision course that will bring him to the brink of total insanity, and perhaps even death. At the heart of it all, Ben’s worst enemy is his own mind, and he must confront his past in order to save his future.

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