Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Book Review - Reciprocal Paranoia by Mike Freeman

This is the fourth book in the author's 'Contact' series. It continues the series well, but is a bit of a dip in the books so far. In the previous books there was a balance between the action and the discovery. In this book there is little discovery and it's mostly action with some strategic discussion. The number of perspectives also seems greater creating a more fragmented feel to the story. For me it also meant that I didn't get to spend enough time with the characters.

So the book didn't quite match my expectations compared to the earlier ones, however it's far from a bad read. The author writes well, especially the action scenes. The pacing is good and I zipped through the story quickly.

A high point came in the form of a comedy of errors which provided some unexpected humour. It also marked a switch in the story from the more reflective first half into the faster paced second half.

So while I raised a number of problems in this review I still enjoyed reading the book and I've immediately bought the next in the series.

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Trust no one…

There is no trust in the system as the Talmas-infected humans advance their agenda and the civilizations prepare for war. The remnants of the Alliance team flee the towers while, beneath the surface, Stone is oblivious to the People’s Republic marines closing in for the kill…

RECIPROCAL PARANOIA is a hard hitting space opera/ scifi adventure. It is the FOURTH book in the Contact series.

Rated [R]. Violence, sex, profanity.
US English. 115,000 words.

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