Sunday 14 December 2014

Book Shout Out - Happy Birthday King BewIlliam

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Happy birthday, King Bewilliam, officially “born” on Dec. 14, 2011 with the publication of “The Lost King, “ 

The seed for the story took root in my writer’s mind many years prior to that but sprouted during my first writing marathon, National Novel Writing Month 2010. Since then he’s continued to grow and thrive in The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam high fantasy series, with Book Two, “The King’s Ransom” and Book Three, “The King’s Redress.” I began “The Redoubt,” Book Four, last month during National Novel Writing Month 2014.
To celebrate and give new fans a chance to enjoy the series at a bargain price, I have created a Kindle Countdown promotion for Book Three, “The King’s Redress,” on Kindle US and Kindle UK, beginning with 99¢ on the king’s birthday.

Dec. 14: $.99
Dec. 15: $1.99
Dec. 16: $2.99
Dec. 17: $3.99
Dec. 18: return to regular pricing at :$4.99
Dec. 14: £.99
Dec. 15: £.99
Dec. 16:£1.99
Dec. 17:£1.99
Dec. 18: return to regular pricing at £3.06

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