Sunday, 1 March 2015

Book Review - What Would Satan Do? by Anthony Miller

This is the most entertaining take on the end of the world since reading Good Omens many years ago. Arnie's comparison to the Devil being a choirboy still makes the top three, but this slides in easily at number two.

For me story is always king - but not in this case although the story is just fine. Here it's the characters that stand out and the star of the show is naturally the devil himself. Having decided that he's been dealt a sucker's deal in his role in Armageddon he leaves Hell to its own devices and lives life as a regular human. Well not quite. He has anger management issues, especially when it comes to frogs.

With Satan's character the author's writing shines. It has a whimsical and very funny style that carries the humour perfectly. And it doesn't just work for the devil, the other characters come across strongly as well. The roles of each character aren't clear from the beginning and here again the author's talent shines. As the story reaches its conclusion it becomes clear and I appreciated the planning of it.

For me this was the perfect package, good story, well written and characters that kept me interested throughout. Well worth a read!

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Disgusted with God’s plan for Judgment Day, Satan has quit his job and abandoned Hell in favor of a quiet retirement in Washington, D.C. But life on Earth is tricky for an ex-angel with a short fuse and no impulse control. When a parking attendant mysteriously bursts into flames and a weight-challenged woman somehow ends up in low-Earth orbit, Satan finds that he has attracted the attention of several meddlesome federal agencies. Even worse, there are signs that the governor of Texas has somehow gone ahead and started up the end of the world without him.

The Prince of Darkness heads for the Lone Star State, where he tangles with a megalomaniacal televangelist, joins the Militant Arm of the American Geriatrics Association, and wields the Flaming Shotgun of Divine Justice at a guy whose hobbies include invading churches to denounce ritualized cannibalism. Through it all, one thing is clear: Someone has to put a stop to Judgment Day. Now, having spent millennia trying to wreck the place, the Devil may be the world’s only hope.

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