Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Blog Shout Out - Charlene Jones Author Blog

In this week's Blog Shout Out Charlene Jones invites us to visit her author's blog:

Let me introduce myself. My name is Charlene Diane Jones. Sometimes I place the academic letters behind my name (M.Ed/M.A.) and sometimes not depending on whether I think those initials will have meaning or will alienate people. It can go either way. 

I started my blog at initially with the intention to offer less than 200 words on a regular basis to help people feel better right now. As a Psychotherapist, Meditation Teacher and Author, I have been deeply engaged in the Craft of Consciousness for most of my six decades. The blog was for two years my way of putting a little of what I know about turning mind toward the positive where people might use it. The blog was successful, in that I was asked to allow several of the blogs on a radio station, Whistle Radio. Of course I was thrilled. 

Regular features going forward will include some bits of information about how to feel better right now. For instance I bet you stopped breathing. Yes, you. I bet you did. Now Breathe. How did I know that? Because in our culture whenever a person concentrates, and reading takes a little concentration, they stop breathing. Crazy right? But so true. How do I know that? 

Because whenever I sit with clients, especially new clients, I find myself stopping breathing. That's because we all get involved in matching our neural pathways to each other. 

One of the big hobbies in my life is neuroscience. Just love it and believe what has been discovered and what will be even in the relatively short time left to me discovered about our brains constitutes a leap in human understanding to rival Copernicus. No kidding. That big. 

That was huge back in the 1500's so big he didn't get away with it but had to pretend he didn't know what he knew. That ever happen to you?

My favorite post so far is this one right now. It usually is the one I'm writing at the moment. The post most read on my blog is the one with my book trailer and the cover of my book. 

No more about that right now right here. That's for another place, another time. But right now let me say I'm glad to have the opportunity to write to you, and I hope that some of what I blog about, meditation, feeling better, books I've read and reviewed, neuroscience and oh, yes, breathing, is of interest to you too. 

Take care until next time.

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