Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Book Review - Charles Middleworth by Guy Portman

This is the second book from this author that I've read - the first was Necropolis  and made my top five reads for 2014. This earlier work doesn't quite reach that high but is certainly a superb read.

Like Necropolis this book hangs off its main character - Adrian. He's a very interesting character and is written in a style that brings you close to Adrian. He's a very precise man, comfortable with logic and numbers, less so with the chaos of people.

The story concerns a spiritual journey for Adrian as his life crumbles around him and he is forced to deal with these occurrences. How he does so drew me even closer to the character and the exploration of his thoughts is a fascinating one.

There's also some good understated humour in the story, especially with some of the secondary characters. I would liked to have seen a bit more of the father in the story as it seemed that there was some rich history there that would be of interest.

Considering some of the events of the story the ending felt a little flat. It works and to be honest its a fitting ending, but just didn't stand out as much as the earlier parts of the book for me. It's a minor complaint though as this is a well written and captivating read.

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What happens when Adrian, an actuary, has his banal and predictable existence turned upside down by sinister forces that he can neither understand nor control?
How will he react to a revelation that leaves his life in turmoil? Will he surrender or strive for redemption in an altered world, where rationality, scientific
logic and algorithms no longer provide the answers?

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