Thursday, 26 March 2015

Book Review - Flux by Mark R. Faulkner

I enjoyed reading this book. It's quite a dark tale of a man who starts experiencing horrific visions after a brutal accident.What I liked about Adrian is that he's not the usual protagonist you encounter in these type of stories. He's a flawed character and seems an unlikely hero, or victim for that matter.

The overall story is excellent, although a tad predictable on occasion. The pacing is excellent with the story flowing at a relentless pace. It does take a pause every so often to allow you to catch your breath before it plunges on.

In the blurb it mentions humour which I didn't really catch while I was reading it. Luckily it wasn't failed humour in the sense that I saw something trying to be funny. On the other hand the horror is written in a very engaging fashion. There's a question constantly bubbling about whether what is happening is real or some sort of psychotic break and that helps reinforce the terrible things he encounters.

For me the ending was the weakest part of the story. The actual event was fine and made sense, but it felt a bit abrupt in how the finale was reached. I also thought that compared to the imagination demonstrated through the earlier parts of the book it was a bit obvious. Other than that this is a decent horror read and one I'd recommend to fans of the genre.

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Iain is looking forward to the weekend when a number nineteen bus shatters his body, but broken bones are the least of his worries. In this disturbing, yet darkly funny novel, Iain’s near death experience is not a vision of exquisite godliness with light at the end of a tunnel. Instead he experiences a place of darkness and heat, inhabited by foul creatures, the sounds of suffering and a beast. During a long recovery Iain becomes plagued by nightmares and premonitions, shadowy apparitions, a magpie, and a vile old man. They all have a message, that something wants Iain and it won't give up easily. Iain’s friends do their best to cheer him up in ways they know how, until the unexpected events of one sunny afternoon mean that he is on his own, caught up in the age old battle of good versus evil.

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