Thursday, 14 February 2013

Featured Book - Tales of Loss and Guilt

‘Ray Kingfisher proves his versatility as a writer in these beautiful, poignant and well-crafted tales in many different genres.’ – Amazon 5* review.

In what could be considered the best of Ray kingfisher’s early works, Tales of Loss and Guilt is a diverse collection of 16 quality short reads which range from tense thriller to emotional drama to comic farce, set in such places as America’s dusty midwest, icebound Canada, a Nazi death camp, and various UK locations.

Ray cut his writing teeth penning short stories and won many prizes. All of the prizewinners are included here, and most of the sixteen reached the shortlist.

Two of the stories are available as separate downloads (usually free). These are The lucky one (thirteen five star reviews so far) and Guilt’s Beady Eye (two). Tales of Loss and Guilt itself has two five star reviews.

Here is just a selection of what reviewers and competition judges have said about Ray Kingfisher and Tales of Loss and Guilt:

‘Scary but couldn't put it down’ (The Lucky One)
‘The author keeps the tension accelerating right up to the end’ (Guilt’s Beady Eye)
‘I can hear the narrator’s every word and the scene setting is adroit’ (Choice but No Choice)
‘The emotion is involving and Ray uses it skilfully’ (Scents of Loss).
‘Wonderful dialogue’ (A Bridge too Near)
‘Excellent characterisation, all the characters are well-drawn’ (Doorstep Challenge)
‘Effortless Dialogue’ (Sweet Celestial Caress)
‘A haunting and very moving story’ (The Lucky One)
‘I loved how this story made you feel the real, raw emotion through the eyes of the character’ (Guilt’s Beady Eye)
‘Surely a born storyteller, he seems to be able to assume a voice at will’
‘A stunning style… revealing the plot while teasing the reader's mind’

As if sixteen quality stories weren’t enough, two bonus reads are included:
The start of Ray’s debut novel, ‘Matchbox Memories’ – a bittersweet comedy of family matters which has garnered an average 4.4 stars from 5 Amazon reviews and has been independently awarded 10/10.
The start of Ray’s brand new second novel, ‘Slow Burning Lies’ – a dark and twisting psychological thriller.

These led an Amazon reviewer to comment:
‘The two bonuses that you get lead you to the realisation that you are reading work that has been written by a born storyteller who has honed his skill to an extremely fine point. I heartily recommend this selection of short stories to anyone who not only wants a good read but likes well-constructed tales as well.’

Tales of Loss and Guilt is only available on Amazon. See Ray’s author page for the full list of his available titles:

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