Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Book Impressions - The Showing

I've just finished 'The Showing' by Will Macmillan Jones, a rather excellent take on the haunted house. It builds the creepiness of the house well. The story is well written and paced nicely. The actual writing is clean, making it an easy read and portrays a good sense of dread.

Highly recommended for horror fans.

Based on more of a true story than you might wish to believe.

It was a house Mister Jones knew from his childhood, his grandparents’ house, a house that everyone in his family feared, a house with a tangible sense of evil seeping through its walls.

However, when he saw that it was up for sale yet again, Mister Jones couldn’t resist visiting it one more time, so he contacted the agent and arranged a showing.

Throughout the visit he sensed the evil re-emerging and, sure enough, after he left, the agent was nowhere to be found.

When the police interrogated Mister Jones, it was obvious that he knew more than he was telling.

What kind of evil was inhabiting the house and what part was Mister Jones playing in its plan? 

I started 'Mask of the Macabre' by David Haynes last night, and so far it is another horror treat. Look for my impressions being posted soon.

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