Friday, 22 February 2013

Book Impressions - The Shivered Sky

Welcome to the first book impressions post. This is a fancy title for mini-reviews. I'm not a book reviewer, but I do read (as well as write), so these posts are for me to share my impressions of the book I have just finished reading.

The Shivered Sky by Matt Dinniman

'The Shivered Sky' is an interesting take on the war in Heaven (a subject close to my own heart). The book starts with four people waking up on a vast beach with mountains of sand. Each only has the barest recollections of how they died. From there we discover that Heaven and Hell are not what they seem and the great angel city of Cibola has fallen to the demons.

The pacing is a little slow to start with, but once is builds it continues at a good pace. The writing is accessible, but could have done with another edit pass. It's a little heavy on the metaphors as well. But they are minor complaints. Overall I enjoyed it and would recommend it for those who like the subject matter.

The War is over.

The demons have won.

Cibola, the citadel of Heaven, has fallen.

On Earth, life goes on. No one knows of the war, of the death, of the fire. No one knows that when you die all paths lead to the same eternity: one of torment, slavery, and eternal pain.

For Indigo, Dave, Gramm, Rico, and Hitomi, death is more dangerous than life. Afraid and naked, they awaken on a forgotten beacon. They set forth seeking answers, revealing a shattered landscape, one crawling with bloodthirsty demons, defeated angels, a Heaven that continues to burn, and a prophecy that offers only the barest sliver of hope.

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I've now started Jonnanthan Hill's 'A Letter for Maureen' so look out for my impressions on that soon.

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