Saturday 18 April 2015

New Drabble - The Perfect Moment

A new drabble of mine was posted in the Book Hippo newsletter a few days ago. If you didn't catch it then then you can read it below. It's inspired by Clive Barker's cenobites and in particular the phrase 'Pleasure and pain, indivisible' from Hellraiser. As you can imagine I'mlooking forward to the release of The Scarlet Gospels!

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The Perfect Moment

She promised me delights of a nature unimagined and oh my God, she was right.

With delicate torture we travelled avenues of such exquisite pain that the pleasure transcended beyond understanding.

The final cut severed the illusion that death provided any escape and unfettered by the limits of flesh she taught me suffering so divine I prayed that it would never end. Upon an ocean of agony I drifted. Each wave crested me towards that singular perfect moment, a nirvana of pure agony which almost drowned my soul.

And with loving embrace she ignored my screams and answered my prayers.

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