Tuesday 14 April 2015

Book Review - Rapturous Pejoration by Mike Freeman

This is the fifth book in the author's 'Contact' series and I've enjoyed them all so far. The previous book did feel like a bit of a dip, but this latest one more than makes up for that and I'm disappointed that there isn't the next book in the series ready for me to buy straight away - never mind I will wait :-)

This latest book continues to play with the series' strengths - namely a blend of intense military action and more considered scientific investigation. I personally prefer the more investigative side of the story and here the Darkwood character shines and the early pages have some interesting thoughts on the concept of consciousness and identity as well as delving into the alien technology. The alien technology in itself is quite fascinating. These parts are thought provoking and add some depth to the story.

The author excels at the action side of the writing as well. The battles are intense and filled with wondrous technology that adds to the experience. While I preferred the other side this is well done and I do like a bit of action. These periods of high action are also offset by some gentle humour in the characters which helps break up the tempo a bit and warmed me to the characters more.

There's quite a few threads for the different characters in the story and for me this is the weak point of the book. There's a lot going on and while it isn't difficult to keep track of them all it does mean that you don't spend as much time with each of the characters as I would have liked. Still it's a cracking read and I'd recommend the series to any sci-fi fan.

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The United Systems' grip unravels…

Competing civilizations scrabble for advantage as the Saber Cut plummets toward Plash with three precious Scepters aboard. The Talmas weighs whether to keep Weaver alive as, in the background, Darkwood advances his mysterious agenda…

RAPTUROUS PEJORATION is a hard hitting space opera/ scifi adventure. It is the FIFTH book in the Contact series.

Rated [R]. Violence, sex, profanity.
US English. 139,000 words.

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