Wednesday 22 April 2015

Drabbles of the Gods - Anansi

The latest Drabble of the Gods takes us to Africa and the trickster god Anansi. If you haven't read the previous drabbles in the series then you can find them all here:


It is thanks to Anansi that stories fill the world by releasing them from the Nyame. To purchase the stories the Sky-God demanded three offerings.

The first was Onini the Python who Anansi tricked by tying him to a branch. The second was Osebo the Leopard who Anansi snared in his web after trapping the cat in a deep hole.

Last were the Mboro Hornets. These he lured into a water filled calabash to shelter from the rain. Keeping his promise Nyame granted Anansi ownership of all stories and to this day the trickster walks the Earth searching for more.

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