Sunday 27 January 2013

Featured Book - Z2


What if you could do far more than you realize? What if you could do things that others would consider impossible? The collection of books called 46. Ascending asks this as five very different members of a family each discover that they respond to danger by developing skills that appear to defy logic. The third novel in this collection, z2, has just been released at

An injury ended Alex Zeitman’s hopeful basketball career decades ago and today he coaches, teaches physics, and parents three talented quirky children alongside his rather odd wife Lola. His country school has a long history with organized hate groups and a sad tradition of bigotry, and the recent influx of Latino immigrants has brought out new intolerance. But when the administration itself looks like it wants to turn the clock backwards to an era of white supremacy, Alex can no longer sit idle.

An old friend from his own high school days reappears along with an ancient Maya mystery that Alex is uniquely qualified to help solve, and suddenly Alex has his hands full. The past and present intertwine as both sets of issues force Alex to come to terms with the tempo altering talents that he thought that he left behind years ago on a basketball court.

As he and his family find themselves in danger, it becomes obvious that Alex has to accept that his empathic wife has become a telepath and that his quiet genius son has taught himself how to alter his own appearance. Alex struggles with his definition of reality as he recognizes that he must also learn to control his special temporal abilities before legacies from long ago harm those he loves, and before his own era loses a rare opportunity to bridge the past and the future.

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 About Sherrie Cronin
Sherrie Roth grew up in Western Kansas thinking that there was no place in the universe more fascinating than outer space. After her mother vetoed astronaut as a career ambition, she went on to study journalism and physics in hopes of becoming a science writer.
She published her first science fiction short story in 1979 and then waited a lot of tables while she looked for inspiration for the next story. When it finally came,  it declared to her that it had to be whole book, nothing less. One night, while digesting this disturbing piece of news, she drank way too many shots of ouzo with her boyfriend. She woke up thirty-one years later demanding to know what was going on.
The boyfriend, who she had apparently long since married, asked her to calm down and  explained that in a fit of practicality she had gone back to school and gotten a degree in geophysics and had spent the last 28 years interpreting seismic data in the oil industry. The good news, according to Mr. Cronin, was that she had found it at least mildly entertaining and ridiculously well-paying  The bad news was that the two of them had still managed to spend almost all of the money.
Apparently she was now Mrs. Cronin, and the further good news was that they had produced three wonderful children whom they loved dearly, even though to be honest that is where a lot of the money had gone. Even better news was that Mr. Cronin  turned out to be a warm-hearted, encouraging sort who was happy to see her awake and ready to write. "It's about time," were his exact words.
Sherrie Cronin discovered that over the ensuing decades Sally Ride had already managed to become the first woman in space and apparently had done a fine job of it. No one, however, had written the book that had been in Sherrie's head for decades. The only problem was, the book informed her sternly that it had now grown into a six book series. Sherrie decided that she better start writing it before it got any longer. She's been wide awake ever since, and writing away.

Other books by Sherrie Cronin

x0:  x0 is an ancient organization that prefers to stay hidden. Yet, when a young Nigerian seeking her captive sister draws upon her telepathic powers to forge a link with an unwilling Texan geophysicist, x0 reconsiders. The two women are both far more powerful than they realize, and the sister has become a strategic pawn in a conspiracy that threatens to alter the course of a nation.

y1:  y1 tells of a young man with an uncanny ability to morph his appearance who finds that not everyone who works at his pharmaceutical company wants him to knows the mysteries that the company has worked so hard to keep hidden.  As a child, Zane swore to protect all of the odd people in the world.  As an adult, he is fast discovering that everyone is odd. Can he help them all? Now that he has been charged with murder, can he even help himself?

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